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-Includes Hot water tank (heat source)
-Includes Powder Mixer
-Includes 2 stock tanks (500 L)
-Balance tank with level control
-Centrifugal feed pump
-Flow control (mechanical flow controller)
-Tubular heat exchange with preheating/regenerative-pasteurising and cooling sections. The heat
exchanger tubes are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and the frame of 304. The gaskets are
available in frame of 304. The gaskets are available in Nitrile, Viton, EPDM, Glued or Clip-on designs.
-Holding tube
-Hot water set composing of P.H.E, pump, steam valve, steam trap, expansion vessel, etc.
-Control Panel features relay/regulator control, push buttons, recorder, motor starters and solenoid
-Automatic pasteurisation temp. control
-Automatic flow diversion, interlocked with temperature failure
-Registration of pasteurisation temperature
-Monitoring of position of flow diversion valve
-CIP by internal circulation over balance tank


1. Powder mixer blends ingredients.
2. Stock tank stores product for next step
3. Ingredients are pasteurised by pre-heating, increased heating, and cooling.
4. CIP (Clean in place) before and after operation.

Operating Process

1. The process begins from Mixing ingredients at mixing area.
2. Product enters storage tank then is sent to balance tank for product warming.
3. The product enters the pasteurising process which consists of the pre-heat, heat-up, and cooling stages.
**We developed a high technology hot water tank which is the heat source to support the high-temperature pasteurising system. This means we no longer need a large boiler to heat the product. The long term advantages are energy saving, investment reduction and safety.
4. After the pasteurising process, the product enters the cooling system to decrease product temperature following the heat-up process (pasteurising) before entering the filling machine. Product can then be stored via PVC materials.
5. If product does not reach desired temperature, the product circulates back into the balance tank for further heating.

Special Advantages

1. Available for liquid and sticky products to meet various requirements
for example sauces, mayonnaise, custard, cream, milk, juice, juice drinks, etc
2. Appropriate for SMEs and large enterprises.
3. We have a professional design space service team to give counsel to you.
4. There is CIP (Clean in place) system operating by the control cabinet.
5. The control cabinet easy to use.
6. The machine is covered by a 1 year guarante

Technical Info

Name : Tubular Pasteuriser (Complete set)
Model : BY-PM-002
Capacity : 500L-1,000L/Hr
Pasteuriser size(m) : 1.5(w)x3.0(L)x2.0(H)
Mixer size(m) : 1.5(w)x2.3(L)x2.0(H)
Hot water tank(m) : 1.0(w)x1.5(L)x2.0(H)
System : Powder mixer+Stock tank (500L)+Balance tank+Pasteuriser+Hot water tank
+Cooling system+Hot water tank
Heat-up (Temperature) : 80-95 C
Cool down(Temperature) : 45-65 C

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